our tech

augmind's true-reality

Layer by layer, we build hyper life-like visuals using our game-changing shading technology to accurately mimic the physical appearance of any material, surface, and texture. Anticipating and recreating the way each material responds to light, shade, reflection, and other physical stimuli, our technology builds fluid 3D playgrounds that shift and change according to the user’s natural real-world surroundings

dynamic reality

The realism you perceive is down to how our content instantly reacts and adjusts to real-world conditions in real-time with zero latency. Taking into account lighting, reflection, blur, and mobile camera behavior, we flawlessly recreate organic materials like no one else.

High-fidelity Visuals on Mobile/web

Our specialized output shaders create high-fidelity visuals that perform equally well on any device. Fast-loading and glitch-free, with no hardware limitations.

mixed reality

Users can engage and interact with virtual content from their mobile phones, tablets or Head Mount Displays (HMDs), from their home, your store, or while walking down the street. Share your vision with us and we’ll help you tell the story and turn a world of imagination into Mixed Reality.

Powered by AI

By deploying advanced AI systems, we slash content-creation time without any compromise in quality. Reduce your costs and deliver superior results in days, rather than weeks.