Companies around the world are working to facilitate the imminent coexistence of physical and digital objects, and some are already able to provide such a world to consumers at their fingertips

Israeli software company Augmind created a one-stop shop to produce high-end, realistic content that can be experienced from all types of devices, including smartphones.

The technology allows users to interact with augmented reality in any environment down to the material texture and how light sources affect the objects.

Ran Kern, CEO of Augmind, explained to i24NEWS that retailers are struggling to sell their products due to closures from the Covid pandemic.

“These challenges and demands exist today and a lot of industries are having a hard time with that because they can’t find the right way to create this kind of content,” Kern said.

While companies in the augmented and virtual reality industries are struggling to incorporate high-quality visuals while being cost-effective, Augmind found a way to create realistic graphics at lower costs.

This is a game-changer, i24NEWS noted, as augmented realities will continue to have an expanding role in everyday life.

For example, Facebook is working to shift social connections into their recently announced Metaverse, and according to an estimate by the cryptocurrency investment firm Grayscale, revenue from virtual interactive worlds is expected to reach $400 billion by 2025.

Kern noted that Augmind’s ability to apply its software to everyday devices was a breakthrough.

“The process is very long, it’s tedious, it’s expensive… one of the most difficult parts of this entire process is being able to play this kind of content on mobile devices”.